GRASP this oppurtunity to reach beyond your fullest potential. FIND what you're looking for, FIND yourself. AIM higher than you've ever AIMED before. Let our University Experience help you FIND yourself AIMING the highest. GRASP that highest AIM and SHINE like you've never shone BEFORE.

We know that art education sounds sexy.

We propose you all try it.

We demand the respect that art education deserves.

We know that our debt leaves us when we’re 50.

We propose a toast to all those in the same boat.

We know the future sounds fucking scary.

We propose a new education system.

We demand a paintbrush is put in every classroom across the country.

We demand being treated like adults.

We demand a solution.

We propose that everyone should build a bridge now rather than cross someone else's later.

We demand equal opportunity of becoming a successful human being.

We propose all students look forward to life after education- you're finally free!

They say jobs are limited.

They are just being over dramatic.

We propose help for studio start ups.

They say debt is the new black

We demand that we don't dwell in hopelessness

They say we're just a bunch of pessimists.

They are unwilling to see the optimism in us.

We propose debt shows your efforts- it stands for something else.

We demand you smile at your bank balance/unbalance- your creations are only adding to the world.

They say that debt is a deficit but we've gained loads.

They are wrong to get upset about it.

You can't ever physically touch it- run away from it!

You can always leave the country.

They say we are entitled and lazy.

They are wrong.

They are bastards.

We demand everyone has an art education.

They say art education is a 'soft' subject.

They can design their own logos then.